QWERTY-packing Samsung Galaxy S II shows up in the US

QWERTY-packing Samsung Galaxy S II shows up in the USThe Samsung Galaxy S II is one seriously fine smartphone, and now Samsung looks like it's shaking things up with a QWERTY slider version of the Android superstar.

Pics of the handset have been leaked to BGR, and while for now it looks like it'll be an AT&T exclusive over in the US, we're hoping it's being lined up for a UK release too at some point.

There aren't too many QWERTY superphones around, but the upcoming AT&T Galaxy S II looks to be about to change all that if a series of leaked images are to be believed.

They detail a device with a model number SGH-I927 – that's the same as the existing Galaxy S II – but a full hardware keyboard too. And more significantly, published benchmark scores seem to suggest there are other changes too, potentially a beefier processor.

BGR suggests the new-look Galaxy S II will land on AT&T next month – we'll be keeping our ears open for any signs of it making it to these shores too!

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robk71  Jul. 27, 2011 at 22:58

Hope Samsung are brave enough to release this beast in the UK. I have been waiting for a decent high end comunicater style qwerty slider for ages. Nokia disappointed many of us with the cancelation of the N950, There's not many about in the UK so they could well grab the main market share of this type of handset.


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