Racer Hunter iPhone review

Racer Hunter iPhone reviewThere are two types of bad in the world. Offensively bad games, movies and music tend to provoke anger. For example, Galaxy Defender, which I recently awarded 0/5, is just… *clenches fists*. I don’t want to talk about it.

Comedy bad is quite the opposite. It still inspires the same sense of disbelief, but being able to laugh at/with something makes all the difference. Racer Hunter is definitely comedy bad. It really has to be seen to be believed.

I’ll let Smackall Games explain. “You are a cop and have to knock down the racers in the road. You have to avoid the traffic in the same time. Your car is good in against Racers and not traffic vehicles.

“The speed keeps going up gradually and the game is all about holding yourself at the speed. Enjoy high speed racing. :)” Genuinely fantastic.

And the game truly lives up to Smackall Games’ wonderful description. For the admittedly brief amount of time that I spent playing Racer Hunter, I had a huge grin on my face.

The first thing you’ll notice is that Racer Hunter looks terrible. The crude cars and city backdrop look like they’ve been drawn by a child. A very young child. Brilliant.

The Blue Brothers-style music, too, is something really special, causing my flatmate to say: “I can only assume you’re playing some sort of crime caper.” Indeed. And what a crime caper.

The controls in Racer Hunter are terrible. Supposedly I surpass the minimum requirements (I was using an iPod touch with iOS 3.0), but the response time when tapping the on-screen d-pad was often several seconds. That’s a long freakin’ time in game land.

You get 10 points for crashing into a racer, and lose 5% health if you collide with a civilian car. The game gets gradually faster. That is literally all there is to it. The mathematically gifted among you will have already deduced that you can crash a whopping 20 times before the sweet release of the Game Over screen. Sorry; the “DoubleTap to goto Menu” screen.


  • Hilarious
  • The Blue Brothers-style tune is great
  • It’s free


  • The controls render the game unplayable
  • Awful graphics
  • There’s next to nothing to it

Summary: I can’t give Racer Hunter anything above 0/5, but – at the same time – I highly recommend it. Everyone should experience Racer Hunter at least once. It’ll really cheer you up.

Developer: Smackall Games

Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

Price: free @ App Store

Racer Hunter iPhone review

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