Get ready for 5G in, er, 2022

Get ready for 5G in, er, 2022If you thought it was pointless jawing about phones coming out eight months down the line, how about technology that’s still a good eight years away – if not more.

Just as we’re getting used to 4G LTE and LTE-Advanced, we’re told to brace for 5G. Er, in space year 2022AD, by which point we'll have been blown to bits by Putin, and/or colonised by aliens.

Actually, this isn’t the first time we’ve scribbled about 5G. Back in October 2012 we heard that the UK would lead the charge, while more recently Ofcom was reportedly eyeing up MOD spectrum.

Perusing a colossal article on TechRadar, there isn’t much of a story here other than the vague promise – made by Professor Andy Sutton, EE's Principle Network Architect – of 5G in 2022 or thereabouts.

"The standards will be ready by about 2020, and maybe we'll see some of the Asian operators go a little bit sooner as is generally the norm," says Andy, gazing into his crystal ball.

"In Europe we'll probably see these networks come in around 2022, 2023, as the natural evolution of the LTE Advanced and 4G networks we have today."

Technically, 4G means anything up to 1Gbps, while 5G is – in Andy’s words – “everything beyond that”, so get ready for lots of bickering about what actually constitutes 5G for smartphones.

At present, EE’s double speed service tops out at 60Mbps, which is a) faster than most people’s home broadband, and b) really quite silly.

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