Ready for a £60 Nexus smartphone?

Ready for a £60 Nexus smartphone?

We've already had one piece of Nexus-flavoured speculation today – regarding a supposedly HTC-made new Nexus 8 tablet.

But what the hell, let's double our money and chew the fat about Nexus smartphones too, and specifically the chances that Google is cooking up a new handset that may cost as little as $100 (about £60).

Chance would be a fine thing, of course, so who is it making such a bold claim? The answer is Chinese site No, I haven't heard of it before either, but it supposedly covers “everything MediaTek”, which is where the pieces start to fall into place.

You see, Google has supposedly tapped up MediaTek to supply the processor for a new, ultra-affordable Nexus handset, which when combined with a seriously entry-level spec could be priced as low as the magical $100 mark.

The only verification we're given is that the news comes from “trusted insiders from Taiwan supply chains”, and from our experience of similar musings in the past from DigiTimes, that can be extremely hit and miss.

It isn't completely implausible, though. Google will have noted the impact made by Motorola's Moto G (especially since it was released while Google owned Motorola), and having now offloaded Moto to Lenovo, there wouldn't be an immediate conflict of interest from undercutting its own brand.

That doesn't actually prove anything at all, obviously, so we'll keep an ear open for more concrete evidence one way or the other.

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