Seven reasons to love being Tim Cook right now

Seven reasons to love being Tim Cook right nowI’ve mentioned it a few times recently, but all those analysts and “experts” who spent 2012/13 suggesting that Apple had lost the plot must be feeling prettaaaaaay silly right now.

Everything seems to be coming up Apple this year, and we’ve heard countless stories of abundant positivity in the past week alone. It really is becoming quite ridiculous (in a good way) – it’s just win after win after win after win for Team Cook.

Before the Doom Machine shifted its focus to Samsung, Apple endured endless criticism concerning its ability to “innovate”, while some questioned the Californians’ long-term outlook under CEO Tim Cook, who replaced the late Steve Jobs in 2011.

But Tim Cook has numerous reasons to smile right now, and here we’re detailing just seven of them. Behold:

Seven reasons to love being Tim Cook right now1. Apple just had the best quarter EVER

Yep, Apple’s 4Q14 was the best quarter in the history of all quarters, regardless of industry. The best quarter EVER. Period.

Specifically, Apple posted an insane $18.04 billion in profit, snatching the record from some Russian gas guys.

To look at that figure another way, TechCrunch calculates that Apple raked in $8.3 million per HOUR throughout Q4. Sweet mother of all things Apple.

2. Tim Cook’s 2014 income was twice that of 2013

Tim Cook became a millionaire (again) nine times over in 2014, bringing home a $1.7 million basic salary, $6.7 million “compensation” (thought to be some sort of performance bonus), and a further $775,000 compensation.

That was more than double Tim Cook’s 2013 income, or more than 2012 and 2013 combined. As such, that big 128GB iPhone 6 will be easily affordable; no payment plan necessary.

Seven reasons to love being Tim Cook right now3. Apple is number one in China

It seems like only yesterday that Apple began cozying up to the Chinese mobile market (a “broad” alliance was formed with China Mobile in January 2014), but already Apple is the most popular smartphone brand in China.

That’s a remarkable achievement, considering Apple's iPhone sells for around twice the price of domestic high-end phones from the likes of Xiaomi ("the Chinese Apple") and Meizu.

4. Apple just set a record for foreign smartphone market share in South Korea

South Korea generally loves Samsung (and maybe LG to a lesser extent), and that’s the end of that. Until recently, no foreign smartphone maker had accounted for more than 20% of South Korean market share. Until recently.

Figures from Market Pulse show Apple almost doubling its share to 33% as of December 2014, while Samsung fell from 60-odd% in early 2014 to 46%. Ouch. South Koreans are seemingly loving that big old 4.7in iPhone 6 and 5.5in iPhone 6 Plus.

Seven reasons to love being Tim Cook right now5. 50% of US smartphone activations in 4Q14 were iPhones

We’ve observed before that it’s pointless comparing Android and iOS smartphone market share, as the former has literally hundreds of soldiers, while the latter is just, y’know, the iPhone.

But Apple doesn’t need us – or anyone else – to fight its battles, as evidenced by this CIRP pie chart. An outrageous 50% of 4Q14 smartphone activations in the US were iPhones. For every Android phone activated (Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola…), Apple matched it with an iPhone. Crazy.

6. Two-thirds of Alaskan smartphone users have an iPhone

Following on nicely from the previous point, a Chitika infograph shows iPhone distribution throughout the US. Incredibly, 40-44% is considered “Very Low”. Very Low!

Meanwhile, Alaska tips the scales at 65.5%, so if you put 100 Alaskan smartphone users in a room, chances are roughly two out of every three would have an iPhone. Two bloomin’ thirds!

7. The App Store still whoops Google Play in revenue

When it all boils down, market share don’t mean squat if it’s not bringing in the bucks, and that notion is backed up when one considers the App Store vs. Google Play.

Android is the world’s most popular smartphone operating system, yes, so logically Google Play pounds the App Store in terms of downloads, but we doubt Apple is bothered; the latter raked in 70% more revenue in 2014. Ka-ching!

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babylon  Jan. 30, 2015 at 14:27

As soon as you stop waxing lyrical everything Apple, Maybe you should stop and think how a company that makes $8.3 million every minute in profit, Is not really a good thing for the consumer, And the sooner the Apple,iPhone lovers wake up and smell the roses the better.


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