Can I get a refund on a faulty phone that's out of warranty?

Hi, I'm after some advice regarding my rights over a faulty mobile phone.

On February 2013 I bought myself an Orange San Diego from the Orange website. It worked perfectly for just under a year, when all of a sudden the battery went, along with the power and volume buttons. The phone would only switch on when on charge. I took it back to the EE store, and as I still had a few days left on my warranty, managed to send it off for repair. It came back a month later with brand new power and volume buttons, and fully working handset. However, after taking the phone home, I realised that the battery problem still persisted, and was not fixed by EE. However, by now, my warranty had ran out. I decided to give it a go anyway, and took it back to EE. They were willing to send it back, even though it was out of warranty, as the original fault I came in with had not been fixed. It has, though, been over three weeks since they sent the phone, and using the online EE Repair Tracker, I can see that it's not been received by them yet. I know EE's customer service isn't the best and this could just be them providing poor service, but I'm genuinely worried that EE will send the phone back saying they can't fix it. I'm a bed-ridden teenager who can't afford to spend another £100 on a phone, so what I'd love from EE is a refund to go out and buy the Moto G. Am I acceptable for a refund? Thank you.

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 2, 2014 at 17:51

I might be wrong, but I think batteries are usually excluded or enjoy only limited warranty(***) because, you know... they die. No matter how well you treat them.
Best you can hope for is a new battery, would be my guess. And that is questionable. A new phone? Not a chance. A completely different new phone?
(*** another reason is: there's no exact, scientific way to determine how oftenyou charged that battery, how much you used and abused it, if, INDEED, it is the battery that was originally in the device etc etc... )


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