Report: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge releasing as Galaxy S Edge, coming to Europe

Report: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge releasing as Galaxy S Edge, coming to EuropeIn addition to a metal base model, we’re told the Samsung Galaxy S6 will have a dual edge variant, akin to the Galaxy Note Edge (left).

Here we’re told to start calling it the Samsung Galaxy S Edge (no ‘6’), and more importantly: it looks like it’s coming to Europe.

That’s the word over on Dutch-language Galaxy Club, with the headline Vodafone website: Samsung Galaxy S6 'Edge' is actually called Galaxy S Edge.

As the headline says, it’s the Vodafone website in the Netherlands outing the Samsung Galaxy S Edge, though it was actually listed in source code rather than getting a full pre-launch listing.

As such, there’s nothing else to go on for now, no Samsung Galaxy S Edge specs, price or release date, though it’s probably safe to deduce that it’s being released in Europe fairly soon after launch.

The name actually makes sense, since the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, well, wasn’t called the Galaxy Note 4 Edge, despite launching alongside the Galaxy Note 4.

Again, the Samsung Galaxy S Edge is expected to come with not just one but two edge displays, one either side, where users can keep shortcuts to favourite apps, set up news tickers, and house an always-on alarm clock – even as the main display sleeps.

Nothing official just yet, but the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge are tipped for launch at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in March.

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