Report: Samsung’s days of smartphone dominance are over

Report: Samsung’s days of smartphone dominance are overTime was BlackBerry and Nokia ruled the smartphone roost, but more recently we’ve been used to seeing Samsung sitting comfortably at the top of the food chain.

That’s still the case for now, but things have been going downhill of late, and a report out of South Korea doesn’t expect Samsung's 2015 to be any better.

The Korea Herald relays a whole bunch of figures and whatnot, with the upshot being that Samsung’s net profit and operating income are both tipped to drop 6% in 2015.

Still, that’s not quite as horrific as the estimated 27.3% and 32.2% drops suffered in 2014. Samsung is expected to confirm just how bad things are/were later this month.

What's the problem? Well, Samsung continues to suffer as Chinese smartphone manufacturers enjoy a collective boom (Xiaomi is thought to be third behind only Apple and Samsung), while Apple has been cosying up to Chinese networks and enjoying massive global success with the iPhone 6.

The world’s number one is said to have gone back to the drawing board for the Samsung Galaxy S6, with most rumours concurring we’ll see a metal-bodied base model, and a freakish variant with dual Edge displays for app shortcuts and news tickers and the like.

That might be enough to stir up some interest at the high end, but it's not just about one or two individual phones (er, unless you're Apple).

Ultimately, the report suggests Samsung’s “best days” are behind it, and with a baffling array of Galaxy A and Galaxy E phones being the focus of late, we’re inclined to agree.

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