Report: Samsung’s three-sided smartphone enters production, possible Note 4 variant

Report: Samsung’s three-sided smartphone enters production, possible Note 4 variantWe’ve been talking about Samsung’s three-sided display since last November, and more recently it’s been suggested that it might account for the “new form factor” (Samsung’s words) on the imminent Galaxy Note 4.

In any case, rumours from Samsung’s home turf suggest the three-sided phone, whatever it is, is now entering production.

That’s the story over on Korean-language ZDNet, ably relayed by the chaps at G 4 Games.

We're told to expect fairly limited volumes, but regardless, it's highly unlikely that the three-sided display would've appeared in every Samsung Galaxy Note 4 anyway, such a device almost certainly being a niche product. If it doesn’t sit well with consumers, well, you’ve just ruined a previously successful line.

Nah, if there is any link with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, we reckon it’ll be a Limited Edition variant (two models have been rumoured), perhaps limited to Korea – a bit like the curved Samsung Galaxy Round.

Incidentally, the Samsung Galaxy Round had nigh on identical specs to the Galaxy Note 3, but wasn’t deemed worthy of the good Note name. Same again this year? Probably.

Name aside, Samsung’s three-sided phone will boast two additional displays on the sides for notifications, and possibly things like shortcuts and bookmarks.

Samsung has effectively confirmed the Galaxy Note 4 launch date as September 3, telling us to “Note the date!” Might this three-sided beast join it on stage? Set time machines for three weeks from Wednesday.

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JanSt / MOD  Aug. 9, 2014 at 14:30

More sides to break! Yay....
Wonder what the Note 4 will really bring. Samsung must have learned from 2 less than great quarters. Though, the Note 3 can hardly be blamed.


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