Retro Pinball iPhone review

Retro Pinball iPhone reviewI have a huge soft spot for pinball, and Retro Pinball is currently riding high in the App Store’s Top Free games section, so I figured I’d check it out. Incidentally, it’s one of over 100 (no exaggeration) pinball games on the App Store. Cripes.

I’m reliably informed (er, by the iTunes blurb) that Retro Pinball takes three tables from Epic Pinball, which was “hailed as one of the best pinball games ever to be made for the PC.” Ah well, there you go.

I have to admit, I’m not overly familiar with Epic Pinball. I got my pinball fix primarily from Revenge of the Gator Pinball (Gameboy) and Pinball Dreams (Amiga) back in the day. More recently I’ve been playing Metroid Pinball (Nintendo DS) and FX Pinball (Xbox Live Arcade). Pinball? Pinball.

So what’s in the figurative box? Three of Epic Pinball’s original 12 tables, handpicked by the original creator, James Schmalz, namely Super Android, Crash and Burn, and Pangea (dinosaur themed).

I’m a bit of a gaming nerd. I have to get every star in the Mario games (just because, alright?), and I can regularly be found dishing out a beating online in Super Street Fighter IV. However, when it comes to pinball, I am absolutely rubbish.

I generally find that, although there’s some logic at work, it’s as much about luck as it is skill. Games can last anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. That seems to be the case here too; par for the pinball course.

To Retro Pinball’s credit, there’s a full explanation as to how each of the tables works. It gives a quick synopsis (wake the robot in Super Android, for example), before going into detail about how each of the goals is achieved, complete with little diagrams. Neat.

To be honest, I had fun simply going balls out and randomly trying to light things up; to hell with your Stegosaurus Sink Hole (careful, that’s Sink Hole).

Retro Pinball mightn’t be as flashy as some of the other iOS pinball offerings, but the physics are solid, and there’s lots to do across the three tables. Pinball purists will love it.


  • Solid pinball physics
  • Three tables
  • Handy tutorials


  • Totally old school
  • Pretty tough

Summary: Retro Pinball is good, clean pinball fun. Grab it while it’s free.

Developer: Fuse Powered Inc

Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

Price: currently free @ App Store

Retro Pinball iPhone review

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