Reuters: iWatch to ship 50 million units in first year, October launch

Reuters: iWatch to ship 50 million units in first year, October launchIn the world of mobile tech, there are certain publications that come with free salt, while others are generally quite reliable. Relaying news from DigiTimes, for example, tends to come with an obligatory warning about the accuracy of their legendary “sources from the upstream supply chain”.

Meanwhile, with Reuters, I’d generally think: ‘Yeah, this could be on the money,’ but I take umbrage with just about every element of this latest iWatch story.

Taiwan's Quanta to start mass production of Apple's smartwatch in July –source, reads the Reuters headline, with credit going to “a source familiar with the matter”.

Perhaps Michael “Mikey” Gold got my back up when he says: “…as the tech giant tries to prove it can still innovate against rival Samsung” in the first paragraph, but the rest is just as silly.

For starters, how about the notion of the iWatch display measuring 2.5in diagonally, which is a good inch larger than most other iWatch rumours to date. We’re also told it’ll be “slightly rectangular”, which flies in the face of the consensus that it’ll be round. Y’know, like a watch.

Furthermore, the anonymous source reckons the iWatch will shift an impressive 50 million units in its first year. To give that figure some context, Apple shifted 71 million iPads in 2013. Hmm.

For what it’s worth, mass iWatch production is tipped to start next month, with the launch following “as early as October”, which conservatively covers all bases in Q4. Well done.

We’ll see what happens, I guess, and while I’m more than happy to eat humble pie if I’m wrong, it’ll be a salt sandwich for lunch today.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 20, 2014 at 12:04

hahahahahaha Reuter LOL


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