Reuters serves more Apple-flavoured doom and gloom

Reuters serves more Apple-flavoured doom and gloomApple has yet to make a move this year when it comes to iDevices, and while there’s no shortage of rumours concerning the iPhone 5S, budget iPhone, iPad mini 2, fifth generation iPad and the iWatch (phew!), most of them suggest delays.

In addition to product-related depress-o-news, Apple’s stock continues its vomit-inducing downward spiral, finishing below $400 last week for the first time in 16 months.

Things have been pretty gloomy over Cupertino since the iPhone 5 launch last September. Prior to the launch, Apple shares hit a record high, but what goes up…

Indeed, echoing that sentiment somewhat, Reuters quotes some guy, named only as a “hedge fund manager focused on the technology sector”.

He says: "The market is not being irrational with Apple today. The market was being irrational with Apple last year, when they kept taking the stock price higher."

On a more ominous note, Roger Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies Associates warns: “'Apple can do no wrong' can only work until Apple does wrong. It's like the rubber band effect. The more you stretch it, the more snap you get coming back."

In addition to stock talk, we’re told – again – that the iPhone 5S has been delayed thanks to issues with the fingerprint sensor, while the budget iPhone with its cheap plastic casing will hit mass production in June. Splendid.

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 23, 2013 at 18:17

Shares are about FUTURE POTENTIAL growth (sometimes, just buy cranking up shares-price artificially....wink). Now, it's no mystery or surprise that Apple cannot possibly sustain the growth numbers of sales of the past 4 years. That IS ALL!
A sidenote: Reuters was founded by the same people who set up the stock exchange, the US Federal Reserve etc etc.... 'nuff said. Bullsh*tters who caused more death and destruction than any other 5 things combined. They should NOT be quoted without a health warning.

Oh, and no: I'm not defending Apple out of fanboy love... for all I care Apple could disappear tomorrow as though they never existed. It's the nonsense I'm opposed to. The weird quasi religious belief in Wall Street nonsense, while simultaneously presenting it as a science. Wait, now I got Hubbard on line 2


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