Reuters: Tim Cook was opposed to suing Samsung, however Jobs insisted

Reuters: Tim Cook was opposed to suing Samsung, however Jobs insistedIt was last April, on an Apple earnings call, when CEO Tim Cook declared – somewhat confusingly – that he hates all this litigation nonsense. Yeah, us too, bro.

Continuing that notion, we’re hearing that Cook was initially opposed to suing Samsung on account of their already-complex relationship, alas then-CEO Steve Jobs was all for fighting.

Samsung and Apple are currently the top two smartphone manufacturers in the world in terms of volume shipped, and while there’s no shortage of love lost, the Californians are actually one of the South Koreans’ biggest clients. Awk-ward.

According to a lengthy Reuters report, Cook was opposed to suing the Galaxy manufacturer, “largely because of that company's critical role as a supplier of components for the iPhone and the iPad.”

Jobs, on the other hand, vowed to go thermonuclear. “Jobs had run out of patience,” explains Reuters, “suspecting that Samsung was counting on the supplier relationship to shield it from retribution.”

Indeed, the scenario is described as “Jobs’ worst nightmare”, specifically an Asian manufacturer using Google’s operating system to make products to rival the iPhone and iPad.

In semi-related news, we heard last week that Apple and Samsung snapped up more than 100% of smartphone profit in 2012.

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CTPAHHIK  Feb. 12, 2013 at 08:30

"Good artists copy great artists steal", what goes around comes around. ;)


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