Review of the week

Review of the weekPretty crazy week for new stuff. Check it out: three new LG G Pad tablets, the £89 Motorola Moto E, the new Motorola Moto G with micro SD and LTE, the Japan-only Sony Xperia A2, the HTC One mini 2, the wallet-friendly Xiaomi MiPad tablet...

In comments, it was the HTC One mini 2's surprisingly lofty price that got you all talking. £360? Er, we'll take a PS4 instead, please.

As for apps, I checked out The Witcher 2 Interactive Comic, Dark Lands, and the utterly sublime Thomas Was Alone.

Uhm, not sure what's happening next week, but we'll write tons of junk regardless.

Until then, happy weekending!







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Treab  May. 17, 2014 at 21:48

want it noted i have a ps4 and an xbox one... YES YOU CAN TOUCH ME...



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