Review of the week

Review of the weekIn addition to the obligatory barrage of iPhone 6 rumours (iPhone 6L pics, iPhone 6 RAM, iPhone 6 resolution, even more iPhone 6 pics, iPhone 6 production fears), we met an intriguing new phone in the form of the HTC One (M8) for Windows, and spent the rest of the week discussing Microsoft's lack of "cool".

Indeed, the HTC One (M8) for Windows articles accounted for the mostestest comments this week, too.

In apps, I checked out Cognition Episode 2 and Super Crossfighter (both bloody excellent), while I've scheduled a few hundred words about Dream Revenant for 5pm. Something to read with your dinner.

Next week, well, it's the last week in August, then we're into September with IFA 2014 and the iPhone 6 launch. Yep, things are about to go apes hit (apes hit).

Until next week, happy weekending!







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JanSt / MOD  Aug. 23, 2014 at 20:07

It's curious how much attention the M8 for Win gets... Of course, it's the pre-iPhone launch lull, and the M8 won loads of awards and top marks and all of that, but still - it's interesting.

I know one reason is, that some Nokia fans are seriously p*ssed of by the idea of having to sport a device that says "Nokia by Microsoft" on the back. Some former hardcore Lumia fans on Twitter and elsewhere have completely u-turned.... from yay to nay. Just like that.

But I also wonder if there's a bit of Android fatigue? The endless avalanche of samey upgrades? A Z3 already? SGS5 or 4... nobody is excited, really. And with the highend Lumias everybody knows: it'll be top build quality. It'll be great. The camera will be great. And slow.

Until the next iPhone is out - and, hey, the BB Passport (BB 10.3 is pretty blo*dy good) - it seems this Htc tickles some nerves that haven't been hit enough this year.

Just a thought on a tired Saturday.


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