Review of the week

Review of the weekJeez Louise, is it that time again already? I say that every week, don’t I? Sorry.

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen the launch and release of the iPhone 4S, Google lifted the lid on Ice Cream Sandwich, Samsung showed off the Galaxy Nexus, and Motorola announced the RAZR.

So you’d forgive the industry for taking it easy this week. Not so, my friends. Not so.

Of course, that was largely due to Nokia World, which took place in London on Wednesday and Thursday. We heard about a new range of Series 40 phones, bendy screens, an imminent white Nokia N9, and an update for MeeGo.

But the big news was the official unveiling – finally – of the Nokia Sea Ray, or Nokia Lumia 800 as we’re s’posed to call it now. There’s also a lower-specced Nokia Lumia 710, but no sign of the 4.3in variant that was rumoured.

And it’s not just the Nokia N9 that’s getting the white treatment. We’ll also soon see a white BlackBerry Bold Touch (exclusive to Vodafone) and a white Samsung Galaxy Note.

In HTC news, the Taiwanese manufacturer finally committed to Ice Cream Sandwich, and released an update to address a recently uncovered security flaw.

As for new phones, we met the Porsche Design P'9981 (a really fancy and expensive BlackBerry Bold Touch), and there were leakies for the BlackBerry Colt, LG Prada K2 and Motorola Droid4 RAZR.

Sony announced that it’s giving Ericsson the chop, so we’ll eventually see smartphones simply coming from Sony. Eventually.

And in a token Apple story, the 16GB iPhone 4S was ripped to shreds and its components valued at £120. Bloomin’ ‘eck. Worse still is the 64GB iPhone 4S, with components estimated to be worth £155. Obviously there are other costs to take into consideration, but that still leaves a hefty profit for the Californians.

Until next week. Take it easy.

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