Review of the week

Review of the week“What the hell happened this week?” That’s the question I invariably ask myself at this time every Saturday, and my poor ageing brain is really struggling to cope.

Fortunately, I can filter out the news like this and have a brief scan over the week's stories before pretending I’m writing this all off the top of my head.

This week was a biggie for Google’s Android, with the dual announcement of Ice Cream Sandwich and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. What, no Prime? Well, there was a Prime this week, but not the one we were expecting.

Phil summed up the Ice Cream Sandwich reveal right here. The update will supposedly be available “within weeks” of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and Sony Ericsson has confirmed that it’ll be rolling out Ice Cream Sandwich to its Gingerbread handsets. HTC, meanwhile, was far less committed about its plans.

Motorola continued its run of wowing us with new goodies with the RAZR, “the world’s thinnest smartphone” – or so Moto claims. It has a 4.3in display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, an 8MP snapper, and 1080p video capture.

Better still, the Motorola RAZR is expected to land on November 1. Not too long, sonny…

Rumours persist of an Apple iPad mini, though the mongers can’t agree if it’s physically smaller, or just built more cheaply.

Sticking with tablets, Asus sort-of-unofficially revealed its successor to the Eee Pad Transformer. Samsung mightn’t have adopted the Prime name after all, but Asus has. Yep, the spanking new keyboard-rocking tablet will be called the Transformer Prime. Who was expecting that? The official launch is set for November 9.

And finally, with Nokia World going down next week, we had a couple of leaks concerning the Nokia Sabre and Nokia Sea Ray Windows Phones.

For more on this week’s news hit the linkage at the top. Remember when I said “like this”?

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