Review of the week

Review of the weekIt’s Review of the week
Super-slick and sleek
Bad times (up **** creek)
Special kind of geek.

My lyrical talents are wasted on you people. Wasted. Now where were we? Ahh yes, mobile phones and stuff.

This week's highlight? Hmm, the UK 4G news was quite interesting, no?

In the world of comments, we established some Fight Club-style rules. Behold:

Rule #1: On Mobot, it's always Lewis' fault.
Rule #2: matt is a total douche.
Rule #3: Trolls stay under their bridge until it's dark.
Rule #4: The mods think they have power... they don't.

Beautiful stuff. Right, enough nonsense. I'm off to lie down and watch Breaking Bad. Have a good one, chaps (and chapesses).








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JanSt / MOD  Aug. 26, 2012 at 11:29

What a week! Bad to be an Armstrong.
Bad to be a Samsung.
Bad bad bad...
But Beckham didn't have sex. Again!
So, that is good, right?


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