Review of the week in mobile

Review of the week in mobileAnd so ends January 2015, with CES 2015 firmly in our rear-view mirror, and Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 just a few weeks up the road.

This week the theme was quarterly results for the final three months of 2014, and the big news was that Apple had the best quarter of any company in the history of quarters, and might’ve overtaken Samsung to become the world’s number one smartphone maker. Er, maybe.

There was more great news for Apple as we learned the Californians are officially number one in China, a remarkable feat considering how expensive the iPhone is, and in a market where home-grown phones are typically high-specced and wallet-friendly.

I summed up all the recent great news for Apple in Seven reasons to love being Tim Cook right now, while the CEO finally confirmed the Apple Watch release date as April. Well, in the US, anyway.

In Chinese smartphone news, it was suggested that the OnePlus 2 release date might be pushed back to Q3 on account of those supposed Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 overheating problems, and OnePlus unveiled its own Android ROM, OxygenOS. See you later, CyanogenMod.

Sticking with China, the first batch of Xiaomi Mi Notes sold out in three minutes; ZTE unveiled the iPhone 6-like Blade S6; and Huawei explained it’s too hard to differentiate with Windows Phone.

As we eagerly anticipate the first wave of 2015 Android flagships, we heard that the HTC One M9 won’t look too much like the One M8; the Sony Xperia Z4 mightn’t launch till summer, but we’re cool with that; and the LG G4 was tipped to rock the highest smartphone resolution ever.

As for Samsung, we’re told (again) that Galaxy S6 TouchWiz will be significantly slimmed down, and the Galaxy S6 Edge will supposedly release in Europe as the Galaxy S Edge.

Finally, if you’re rocking a Google slate, be sure to download free Microsoft Office for Android tablets.

And that’s about the size of it for this week. Next week, expect, er, I’m not sure, actually, such is the beauty of life.

In the meantime, here’s the week’s mobile news in full:







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