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Review of the week in mobileSpace year 2015AD continues to race along at a frankly terrifying rate. It feels like only yesterday that we were full of festive booze and mince pies, but Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 is now just SEVEN DAYS AWAY. What the actual fudge?

As such, the focus, again, was very much on the imminent Samsung Galaxy S6 (“The Next Galaxy”) and HTC One M9 (“the new HTC One”).

Kicking off with HTC news, we heard that the One M9 will ditch the brackets (something I admittedly did as soon as the HTC One M7 was launched two years ago, through a combination of common sense and finger-based laziness), while the flagship’s tagline will be “One Life”.

We’re still keeping our fingers crossed for the HTC One M9 Plus at MWC 2015, too, and this week the Taiwanese manufacturer teased something “HUGE”. Could it be…?

Consensus seems to be that the HTC One M9 will be 1080p, while the One M9 Plus will arrive with a QHD resolution. Say what you like about QHD but, pointless or not, it just makes sense to match the other big players at the top of the spec ladder.

Meanwhile, the HTC Butterfly 3 was rumoured for the first time. It'll likely be a super-sexy Japan/Asia-only exclusive. Nyoh.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S6, most rumours to date have been overwhelmingly positive, but this week we relayed a report suggesting the S6’s battery might be just 2,600mAh, which isn’t particularly big (it’s the same capacity as the S4’s battery, incidentally), especially taking the QHD display into account. Eek. Perhaps that'll be offset by a mega-efficient processor.

Sticking with the Galaxy S6, an official Samsung teaser kinda suggests the design might be comprised of glass and metal, the former paving the way for wireless charging.

You can register your interest for both of those imminent phones with Carphone Warehouse:

Finally, this week's features looked like this:

Next week we’re expecting loads of eleventh-hour rumours for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9, both of which are launching on Sunday, March 1.

In the meantime, here's the week's mobile news in full:







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