Review of the week in mobile

Review of the week in mobileA little earlier than usual, but I’m penning the Review of the week in mobile then going for a 24-hour sleep before Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 gets underway. Tomorrow alone we have the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch and HTC One M9 launch.

Predictably this week, every second story was about one of those two smartphone juggernauts, but there was a sprinkle of non-MWC news here and there, too.

Starting with the Samsung Galaxy S6, an official video teaser purred “metal” (though we’re still expecting glass, too, not all-metal), and we learned about the Galaxy S6’s preloaded apps, with just two from Samsung and three from Microsoft.

Samsung gave us a look at five utterly bizarre Galaxy S6 concepts, but these leaked Galaxy S6 pics give us a more realistic clue of what to expect tomorrow. This purported Galaxy S6 press shot, however, we’re not too sure about.

Sources out east suggest the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is facing production problems on account of the curved display, but – on the plus side – networks are supposedly loving the S6 Edge design more so than the iPhone 6.

As for HTC’s new flagship, we got a look at a fairly convincing One M9 press shot, and the Taiwanese manufacturer claimed we have “NO IDEA” about Sunday’s launch, just as a 4-minute video leaked revealing the One M9 in great detail.

A subsequent benchmark suggests again that the HTC One M9 will be 1080p, with significantly less pixels than the Galaxy S6, which hopefully means the rumoured QHD One M9 Plus will debut on Sunday, too, in all its eye-melting glory.

In other MWC 2015 news, we’re now expecting to meet up to five new Microsoft smartphones, TWELVE devices from UK-based Kazam, and the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet.

Away from MWC 2015 (yes, there’s still other stuff going on!), Apple is reportedly embracing public iOS beta testing, which ultimately means iOS 9 should be less buggy than its predecessor.

And arguably the biggest story of the week was Apple being fined a whopping half billion for iTunes-related patent infringement.

With MWC 2015 next week there wasn’t much in the way of new phones, though we did meet the new Motorola Moto E slash 'Moto E 2015' slash 'second-gen Moto E' slash 'Moto E LTE' slash 'Moto E2'…

Incidentally, check these out:

Finally, if you need to bone up on your Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 before tomorrow, you might fancy these features:

Again, we’ll be writing words in abundance tomorrow about the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch and HTC One M9 launch.

In the meantime, here’s this week’s news in full:






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