Revitalise your windows mobile phone

There are still some good windows mobile phones around. Not hip, but good. The HTC HD2 comes to mind, or the old business classics from Palm - the 750 and Treo Pro; or even Sony Ericsson's original Xperia.
But ...as you know from using a computer, Windows operating systems tend to get sloooooooow after a while. The pocket varieties are no exception. Reasons are dead files or file fragments that remain hidden in the system even after you delete a file or uninstall an app. On your PC, e.g., you can uninstall iTunes, but once it's gone, you may be surprised to later find a pretty much complete 'back-up' copy clogging up your system.
On your windows mobile phone the same happens: every app you try and then uninstall leaves things behind - numerous dead registry entries, folders etc etc...

I'm planning to post a more hands-on guide in the future as to how to keep your system clean, for now I just say "MemMaid" - MemMaid is to your windows mobile phone what CCleaner is to your PC. It scans for old rubbish. There are other winmo cleaners, but MemMaid does a very good job and has more features than any alternative I know of. When I used it first on an 8 months old HD2 it released 32 mb of wasted space - a lot of waste for a phones internal memory; and the phone was much faster afterwards. Like new, actually.
MemMaid is NOT FREE, but the 15-day trial version is fully functional. ;)
It's the ideal springcleaner. Download it ==>> http://www.dinarsoft.com/memmaid/

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