RIM now accepting BlackBerry 10 app submissions

RIM now accepting BlackBerry 10 app submissionsOne of the key factors in BlackBerry 10’s success, in addition to seductive hardware, will be app support, and the doors are now open.

RIM started accepting BlackBerry 10 app submissions yesterday, 10-10 (get it?), and the Canadians have reminded developers why it’s a good idea to get in quick.

A post over on the Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog reiterates plans for the Built for BlackBerry program.

BlackBerry 10 apps submitted in October and November will potentially qualify for preferred placement in BlackBerry App World, with other benefits including direct and channel marketing.

And let’s not forget RIM’s commitment, initially made back in May, to guarantee $10,000 for BlackBerry 10 developers.

To qualify, BlackBerry 10 apps must be submitted before January 21 next year, meet quality guidelines, and make at least $1,000. Meet said criteria, and RIM will make up the difference to a full $10k. Not too shabby.

Things are slowly but surely coming together for BlackBerry 10. A few weeks ago we got a closer look at the OS, and a bizarre marketing leak showed off a BlackBerry Bold Touch-style QWERTY device.

Having said that, Martin was saying just yesterday that BlackBerry 10 might be delayed till March next year. For f…

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