RIM boss Heins: BlackBerry 10 will arrive in January

RIM boss Heins: BlackBerry 10 will arrive in JanuaryDespite regular accusations to the contrary, we genuinely don't play favourites here at Mobot. So while I seem to have spent a lot of time lately writing about the mess over at RIM, it's not like I'm enjoying it.

And look, here's a bit of good news thrown in to spice things up: RIM boss Thorsten Heins is adamant that BlackBerry 10 will be with us in January – right at the start of the “Q1 2013” window we've all been reporting over the past couple of weeks.

Heins made the remarks in a wide-ranging interview with business title CIO, which actually makes for good reading if you're interested in more than just the headline points surrounding RIM's current dramas.

Heins speaks openly about where he thinks RIM has gone wrong over the past couple of years, what needs to change within the company and where it needs to focus its attention going forward.

Talking specifically about BB10, he talks about the decision to hold back the launch till January (the first time anyone has spoken in more specific terms than “Q1 2013”), and also says that while the first BB10 device will indeed be all-touch as was reported recently, a QWERTY companion will follow nearly immediately.

Given the difficulties RIM is facing, and the pessimism that permeates just about any discussion of the company's future (for example, I recall reading somewhere over the weekend that in RIM-speak, Q1 2013 means April at the earliest), maybe it's time we actually started cutting Heins a bit of slack.

After all, he had to take over the reins at RIM from Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, who may have been responsible for a lot of what went wrong but who were also part of the very fabric of RIM having helped build it up in the first place – talk about your poisoned chalice.

Yet despite the odd poorly judged remark he no doubt wishes he could take back, Heins hasn't once tried to shift the blame to his predecessors. He has remained calm, consistent and confident in his approach throughout what can't have been a particularly easy six months, given the kind of spending and job cuts he has no choice but to preside over .

At this point, who knows – maybe BlackBerry 10 will save RIM's bacon, maybe it won't. Probably not, remains our prediction. But if that is indeed the end result, you'd have a hard time pinning any of the blame on Heins himself.

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