RIM confirms BlackBerry 10 Super Bowl ad

RIM confirms BlackBerry 10 Super Bowl adIt was no surprise to find this one sitting on my virtual desk, having recently reviewed both NFL Kicker 13 and NFL Flick Quarterback. I do enjoy my American Footballs. And don't forget the Pro Bowl tonight.

Uhm, what am I getting at? Canadian manufacturer RIM has confirmed it’ll air a BlackBerry 10 commercial during the Super Bowl on February 3. Nice.

Super Bowl ads are a multi-million dollar affair in the States, with frequently close to 100 million US viewers watching the best in the NFC do battle with the AFC’s finest.

"RIM confirms that BlackBerry 10, its new mobile computing platform that will power the next generation of smartphones and tablets, will be featured in a commercial during Super Bowl XLVII," yelled the Canadians.

We’re told to expect around six BlackBerry 10 devices throughout 2013, starting with the all touch BlackBerry Z10 and the QWERTY-fuelled BlackBerry X10. Now we know to expect a tablet at some point, too.

The BlackBerry 10 launch goes down on January 30. Yep, that’s Wednesday this week! With the latest round of identikit 5in 1080p Android smartphones generally failing to impress our regulars, we’re hoping BlackBerry 10 will spice things up a notch.

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