What RIM could/should do to change their fortune around

Looking for suggestions as to what RIM could do to make their phones more appealing to the public and improve their financial situation.
Does RIM still has any advantages over competition or is it pretty much overpriced phone with obsolete features?

I like new Bold, but think it's too expensive given available feature set and application availability on App World. Anyone can comment on new Torch phones?

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mrew42  Nov. 22, 2011 at 14:15

Shut down the handset arm and concentrate on the network, O/S, app side of things. I've always admired their security approach, their data compression works well. Their handsets, whilst useable and they've got great battery life aren't, as you say, up with the best out there. Go software and license your product for other manufacturers. BTW I can't believe how many people I see on the train every morning with an iPhone AND and Blackberry. Why? BBM, that's why. License it to others IMO

Stelph  Nov. 22, 2011 at 15:17

They should turn all focus on developing/releasing a "tool" to make it easier for Android and iOS developers to release the same apps on the App World, perhaps even provide some kind of competition or incentive (a lower take that apple ask for for example) to get developers interested.

Cut the price of the playbook and use the same OS on their phones (its a great OS IMO), those phones can be touchscreen only but they should aim to make and sell them at a lower price like £200 or less

Not sure licencing BBM out is the answer, it would make money in the short term but would totally kill thier hardware sales as people would choose an iPhone running BBM over their own phones, not sure profits from BBM alone would keep them afloat

CTPAHHIK  Nov. 23, 2011 at 00:29

Stelph, in regards to tool for App World. Is it much difficult to develop for BB, then it is for Android and iPhone. Would iPhone be easier then Android? I don't know anything about it.
How much Google charge for their app store, how much does RIM?


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