RIM says dual-core 'superphone' is coming, but won't be BlackBerry

RIM says dual-core 'superphone' is coming, but won't be BlackBerry

Fresh from seeing dual-core 'superphones' suddenly become the flavour of the month thanks to the Tegra 2 invasion at CES, RIM has announced it does intend to follow suit with a dual-core phone of its own. But don't expect it to be a traditional BlackBerry, or run its operating system. In an interview with PC Mag, RIM chief executive Mike Lazaridis appeared to contradict himself when he first said the company was working on multicore superphones, then commented that a multicore platform was only suitable for tablets at present.

But Lazaridis was in fact ruling out the BlackBerry OS as being suited to a multi-core application, and was effectively classing the latest breed of dual-core smartphones as mini-tablets.

“Ironically I've never hidden this,” Lazaridis commented. “I've said that we are working on multi-core smartphones, and QNX is our multi-core platform for those devices. Those devices are both in smartphone and in tablet form.”

When asked why the traditional BlackBerry form factor and OS were unsuitable partners for a multi-core platform, Lazaridis responded: “battery life, size, weight, thickness, cost.”

So it seems that the BlackBerry as we know it may have hit a glass ceiling – perfect for traditional forms of communication, but increasingly at odds with the current trend for bigger, faster, more versatile handsets at the very top end of the smartphone game.

But RIM fans will nonetheless be relieved to hear the company does plan to have a seat at the superphone table, and we now know that QNX will be the OS calling the tune.

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