RIM duo Lazaridis and Balsillie to be forced to step down?

RIM duo Lazaridis and Balsillie to be forced to step down?You'd have to have some serious rose-coloured glasses to claim 2011 was anything but a complete train smash for RIM, but two men who seem permanently attached to such specs are RIM co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie.

Few have been more committed to insisting the glass is (at least) half full, but the latest rumours suggest RIM is about to shake things up and replace the duo with a single chairman.

The Financial Post quotes RIM 'insiders' as claiming a RIM governance review set up in July is about to recommend that the co-chairs be replaced.

The review is set to report its findings at the end of the month, with a 30-day deadline for the RIM board to respond to the recommendations.

However, it seems all but certain that Laziridis and Balsillie's replacement will be at or near the top of those recommendations. The pair have been increasingly blamed for each set of poor financial results the company has issued – no surprise, really, given how vocal they have been in their support of failed products such as the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

The much-expected PlayBook firesale has finally arrived in the US, with the tablet's price having been slashed to $299 across the board for the next month, even for the 64GB model that previously went for as much as $699.

Here in the UK it remains to be seen whether prices will follow suit, though with the 16GB version having already been discounted to £169 prices can't really drop that much more.

As for the future, independent director Barbara Stymiest is mentioned as top of the list of potential replacements according to the Financial Post, and would be the first independent chair RIM has established.

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