RIM executives say it with a song

RIM executives say it with a songIt's been a long time since RIM released any truly new mobile hardware, with all of its efforts now focused on getting the totally revamped BlackBerry 10 platform wrapped up and out the door.

Or that's what the company says, at any rate. And yet several of RIM's executives have found the time to make a cringe-worthy music video to show the long-suffering BlackBerry faithful how much they care.

Alec Saunders (VP Developer Relations & Ecosystem), Chris Smith (VP Application Platform & Tools), and Martyn Mallick (VP Global Alliances & Business) are the stars of this misguided remake of old-school dad rock ditty Keep on Lovin You by REO Speedwagon.

The words have been doctored, naturally, to talk about BlackBerry 10 rather than actual love, and the video is a study in soft-focus easy listening, complete with smoke machines and painful close-ups.

Fine, it's all just a bit of fun, but it's hardly the act of a company that's supposed to be devoting every waking moment to snatching that elusive third ecosystem position everyone keeps talking about.

Given RIM's current situation, time spent doing anything other than focusing on the bigger picture is wasted time - even if it clearly wasn't very much wasted time.

Via The Register

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