RIM extends $10K developer incentive as BlackBerry 10 apps flood in

RIM extends K developer incentive as BlackBerry 10 apps flood inIt's almost exactly one week to go before BlackBerry 10's New York launch event, but a flood of app submissions has prompted RIM has decided to extend its $10,000 developer incentive to February 18.

Despite some 19,000 apps having been submitted over the weekend alone, RIM looks set to full short of its lofty 100,000 app target by next week's launch, but seems determined to reach the target as soon after as possible.

The $10,000 Developer Commitment sees RIM promising to pay the difference to any certified app developer whose creation brings in net sales upwards of $1,000 but short of $10,000, provided the app is submitted ahead of the deadline.

Originally, the date was set at January 21, but was given a four-week extension in the light of the current flood of submissions.

As it stands, around 70,000 apps are expected to be available for BlackBerry 10 at launch, which on the surface of things compares pretty well to “third ecosystem” rival Windows Phone, which achieved the same number in March last year, around 18 months after the platform launched.

Of course, the old saying about quality and not quantity comes to mind, but with the BB10 app catalogue not yet out in the open it's only fair to hold back on any judgement for the time being.

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Pondlife  Jan. 23, 2013 at 16:30

So there's a flood of submissions but not enough to meet their target.... hmmm cough bs

mightyforest  Jan. 23, 2013 at 18:18

30,000 fart apps,


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