RIM forced into BlackBerry 10 name change

RIM forced into BlackBerry 10 name change

So you know BlackBerry BBX, the ever-so-slightly edgy name for RIM's next-generation mobile platform – the one pretty much tasked with saving the company's bacon?

Turns out those party poopers at the US Federal Court have ruled the name is copyright, forcing RIM to opt for the substantially more vanilla BlackBerry 10 instead.

The BBX name has been in use all along as the title of software made be a company called BASIS International Ltd, a fact that RIM was well aware of when opting for the name itself.

However, it was banking on being able to go ahead with its own take on BBX on the basis that the two companies aren't direct competitors. Unfortunately, the courts disagreed and issued a temporary restraining order barring RIM from using the name.

Revealing the latest developments at the BlackBerry DevCon Asia event in Singapore, RIM announced that it would be renaming the software BlackBerry 10 instead. Given that BlackBerry OS is currently on version 7 the decision may seem a little odd, but all becomes clear when you consider that the Roman numeral for 10 is the letter X.

So it's kind of like BBX, only just quite a bit more boring.

Via Engadget

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