RIM guarantees $10,000 for BlackBerry 10 developers

RIM guarantees ,000 for BlackBerry 10 developersCanadian manufacturer RIM is really doing its damnedest to convince the world, and possibly itself, that BlackBerry 10 will work wondrous wonders and reverse its ailing fortunes.

Developer support will be a big factor, and RIM clearly knows this, promising $10,000 for developers who back its spanking new OS.

BlackBerry 10 was finally unveiled yesterday, and marks an emphatic move away from old-school QWERTY-rockin’ devices towards the brave new touchscreen-only world. Probably.

Of course, RIM has already dipped its toe in touchscreen-only waters with, er, mixed success, but it’s all about BlackBerry 10, baby.

The Canadians took some stick for the lack of apps when BlackBerry App World first arrived, and it’s keen to avoid a repeat.

For those developers willing to bravely jump on board the BlackBerry 10 train early, RIM guarantees at least $10,000 within the first year. Should you fall short, RIM will make up the difference.

However, there are a few conditions. Firstly, the apps must be paid apps, and developers must make at least $1,000 themselves. There’ll also be some element of quality control, but that all sounds fair enough to us.

RIM is no stranger to seducing developers, having recently given away BlackBerry PlayBooks to those submitting apps to BlackBerry App World.

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