RIM: perhaps the end is not nigh after all

RIM: perhaps the end is not nigh after all

Research in Motion's troubles this year have made for fairly compelling news, and we haven't been afraid to cover each and every juicy detail.

But it's only fair that we tell the full story, and – surprising though it may seem – it's not all doom and gloom for RIM and BlackBerry if you know where to look. 

Market analysts and advisors have been among the most scathing when talking about the Canadian firm this year, but not everyone is singing from the same depressing hymn sheet.

One firm – Omega Advisors – actually shelled out for 1.4 million RIM shares last month, taking advantage of share prices that had hit a seven-year low.

And now Omega analyst Leon Cooperman has explained why, saying RIM's user base remains quite large and its fortunes will rise next year once its next-generation devices touch down.

“We think the new operating system is constructive,” Cooperman told CNBC. “RIM has over 70 million users. There is tremendous intellectual property and the possibility they could resurrect themselves and go on a better track. We took a speculative position.”

And with that in mind what better time to share the latest Net Applications mobile phone OS market share stats, which reveal that in November BlackBerry OS gained market share slightly, growing from 2.5% to 3% overall.

That's just a single stat from a single month, of course, and you can generally find some figures to support pretty much any theory if you look hard enough. But good news is in short supply for RIM right now, so we can't imagine anyone complaining too loudly.

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