RIM promises BlackBerry PlayBook software update and price cut to combat poor sales

RIM promises BlackBerry PlayBook software update and price cut to combat poor sales

We promised you the headline details of RIM's latest quarterly financials, frankly because we're morbidly curious to see if things really are as bad as some people say they are.

Well, they're certainly not good is the bottom line, but we've also had the announcement from RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is soon to be getting a serious price cut to boost its appeal.

The bottom line figures from RIM's quarterly earnings figures are that the company turned over made $329m over the quarter from overall revenues of $4.2bn.

That's still a profit, at least, though it's less than half the figure the company made in the already disappointing previous three-month stretch.

RIM put the blame mainly on the impact of competitively priced Android smartphones, but of course there's also the underperformance of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, which RIM says has actually shipped just 200,00 units over the quarter, compared to previous predictions of up to half a million.

And with that as backdrop, Balsillie reckons a price-drop is just the thing to make the difference, or more specifically a price rebate. BGR reports that Balsillie mentioned in the company's earnings call yesterday that PlayBook customers will be given rebates, though without going into details, and also said the tablet would be getting a major software update soon too.

We have fairly major doubts that this'll be a silver bullet for the tablets woes that will suddenly see it start flying off the shelves, but on the other hand it can't do any harm.

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