RIM shows off BlackBerry 10 in more detail

RIM shows off BlackBerry 10 in more detailBlackBerry 10 was originally unveiled back at BlackBerry World in May this year, and while we’ve heard lots of stuff about developers and resolutions and what not, one thing we’re not too clear on is the operating system itself.

Enter: a lovely 13-minute BlackBerry 10 walkthrough by some guy from RIM using a Dev Alpha B handset. Aboot time.

Said walkthrough appears over on Engadget, who managed to pin down a RIM spokesperson in a quiet room at a BlackBerry Jam event. He describes the three main components of the BlackBerry 10 UI.

For starters, we have a central BlackBerry 10 home screen, with a maximum of eight live apps – acting a bit like widgets. Weather, for example, updates even when minimised.

Swipe to the right, and you have your BlackBerry 10 apps. By tapping the little dots along the bottom, you can quickly jump between app pages.

Finally, to the left, there’s the BlackBerry 10 Hub, which centralises notifications from BBM, email, social networking and the like. It’s accessible from any BlackBerry 10 screen with a couple of swipes, even from within apps.

Another key BlackBerry 10 feature is the ability to rock independent Work and Personal profiles. With the Work profile, the browser might, for example, open up through your worky intranet, with all the associated security settings and that.

Interesting stuff. For lots more detail, hit up the link above, Jeeves.

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Stelph  Sep. 26, 2012 at 12:53

Sounds suspicioulsy like Meego that layout, still sounds good


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