RIM slapped with $147 million patent bill

RIM slapped with 7 million patent billDespite suffering huge losses and job cuts, and delaying BlackBerry 10 till 2013, RIM boss Thorsten Heins recently insisted that the future remains bright for the Canadian manufacturer.

Now, just a couple of weeks after those comments, RIM has been served a massive $147 million bill following a patent-related trial. Amazing.

The lawsuit was initiated by a company called Mformation Technologies Inc., which describes itself as “the leading global provider of mobile device management (MDM) technology”.

Dating back to 2008, Mformation Technologies insisted that RIM violated its patents with its BlackBerry enterprise server software, and – unfortunately for the Canadians – a jury agreed.

Ultimately, RIM was ordered to pay $8 for every BlackBerry device using that software. Oh dear.

RIM spokesperson Crystal Roberts revealed that the Canadians intend to appeal, and yelled: “Research In Motion has worked hard to develop its leading-edge BlackBerry technology."

I wonder how long Heins can keep up the brave front. I have a fantastic vision of D:Ream’s “Things Can Only Get Better” being piped into the RIM offices, as employees weep uncontrollably at their desks.

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