RIM on the slide as iOS grabs second spot in the States

RIM on the slide as iOS grabs second spot in the StatesWe've had a few harsh things to say about RIM lately, but if the BlackBerry faithful think we're being a bit harsh on our Canadian friends, perhaps they should take a glance at the latest smartphone sales figures from over in the US.

The latest quarterly info from comScore shows now change to the familiar pattern: Android and iOS continue to gain ground, and it continues to be mainly RIM they're taking it from.

It doesn't seem that long ago that we were talking about Android having snatched the lead in the mobile OS stakes, yet you wouldn't think so from looking at the latest stats, as Google's platform now holds a double-figure lead in terms of market share percentage.

Android now holds a formidable 38.1% share of the US market, up more than 5% on three months ago. Apple's iOS also managed a slender increase in the quarter ending in May, now standing on 26.6% versus 25.2% in February.

But RIM was the big loser, slipping from second to third place in the rankings, and sliding from 28.9% to just 24.7%. To put it another way, in February RIM was just 4% shy of Android in the battle for smartphone supremacy. Now the gap stands at 13.4%.

For the record, things aren't exactly going swimmingly for Windows Phone 7 either, with Microsoft's OS slipping from 7.7% to 5.8% over the three months. The Mango update is starting to look more and more important for Steve Ballmer and co...

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