RIM talks up $10K developer guarantee, teases Dev Alpha C

RIM talks up K developer guarantee, teases Dev Alpha CRIM has descended on Bangkok this week for its big BlackBerry JAM conference, and has used the opportunity to make a number of announcements, including the renaming of the BlackBerry App World to just BlackBerry World.

Developers, however, will be more interested to hear that registration is now open for the $10,000 Built for BlackBerry incentive guarantee, which will see RIM pay you the difference if your certified app doesn't pull in $10K in its first year.

The scheme was announced back in May, but registration is now live for the first time and will run until January 21.

And while we're on the subject, RIM also says its latest development prototype, the Dev Alpha C, will soon be on its way out the door to developers.

This will be the first Dev Alpha device to come with a QWERTY keyboard, but will only be made available to the top 1,500 people who have submitted two apps or more and are ranked among the top developers according to a points system. For more on the criteria required, check out the application page on the BlackBerry Developer site.

As for the change of name to BlackBerry World, dropping the “App” from the name makes a fair bit of sense. Aside from making the title shorter, which is seldom a bad thing, it also reflects the maturiting of the store from a pure app outlet to a wider portal offering a range of online and cloud-based software and services.

Just to remind you, BlackBerry 10 is scheduled to be launched officially at the end of January 2013.

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