RIM teases suitably murky BlackBerry 10 'London' product shot

RIM teases suitably murky BlackBerry 10 'London' product shotTake a good look, folks: this is the first official photograph of what we can say with absolute certainty is RIM's debut BlackBerry 10 smartphone – the much-bandied about “London” that's set to be officially unveiled at the end of next month.

It looks the business, too, and RIM deserves credit for hitting the definition of “teaser” image right on the head. If the other three corners look like this, and it has a front, we can say with some confidence that this will definitely be a phone.

RIM's decision to self-publicise in the build-up to its BB10 unveiling on January 30 is logical. With a lead-in time this long the unofficial leaks are bound to happen anyway, might as well get in with a few official ones to keep things interesting.

After all, if you believe Thorsten Heins' proclamation that BB10 has been finished for a while and all the company is doing is making sure everything is just perfect, there are probably plenty of people sitting around doing nothing.

So yes, this is RIM's great black hope for 2013. It looks neat enough too, and the mesh-like finish is a solid choice for a device and an operating system primarily associated with business users.

But whether RIM intended to or not, the appearance of this teaser image of the “London” has served to reinforce a simple point: nobody really doubted that RIM was capable of making decent smartphones (even if it hasn't always done so in recent years).

When it announced it was essentially drawing a line under its current position and reinventing its entire business with new hardware and new software, we took for granted the debut BlackBerry 10 devices would indeed have four sides, a screen, a camera, a suitable finish, just like the picture shows.

The mystery lies on the inside, partly in the nuts and bolts of just what RIM has created over the past year and a bit, but mostly in just how the moving target that is the world's smartphone market will respond to the whole lot in the early months of next year. And despite the regular sneak peeks, preview videos and developer releases, there's no telling the answer to that particular "teaser" until we get there.

But yeah, nice pic.

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