RIM workforce to drop by another 3,000 in the next month

RIM workforce to drop by another 3,000 in the next monthThere are a good few strugglers in the mobile game right now – partly thanks to Apple and Samsung's dominance, but also the result of a clear easing off in particularly the smartphone industry over the past half-year or so.

However, it's Nokia and RIM that are well clear of the field in terms of main players racing to the bottom, and RIM has just served up its latest dish of bad news: 3,000 more employees will be seeing the exit door before the end of Q2.

That's RIM's own Q2 in case you were wondering, which concludes at the end of August. According to Crackberry, that will bring the total number of employees worldwide down to around 10,000, which is half the figure the company boasted in its prime.

The losses are part of admittedlyalready-announced cost-cutting measures that are a sad part of the new normal at the struggling company - and supposedly the last phase of the cuts for the time being.

Still, expected or not it's a painful reminder of just how badly things have tanked for the once-dominant business phone maker. Yes, it has significantly higher market share than fellow struggler Nokia, but the Finnish company can at least make a case for saying things are as bad as they're going to get, while RIM is still heading firmly downwards and you can't see that changing any time soon.

In fact the reality is that RIM is seeking pretty much just to keep the wheels turning on the outside as it works feverishly behind the scenes to get its heavily hyped BlackBerry 10 OS out the door, surely the company's last chance to turn things around.

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lilshortyzm  Aug. 1, 2012 at 08:44

As far as am concerened every company cuts cost and i believe if you're not been talked about then you are not worth being talked about, bad publicity is better than NO publicity. for as long as BBM exists RIM wiil always have a place in their customers lives. proud bb owner and looking forward to bb10.


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