RIM's BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 now on sale

RIM's BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 now on saleCan it be? Is it really true? Yes – there's a new BlackBerry on the shelves, the long-awaited BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900, the first new handset from RIM we've seen all year.

Vodafone reckoned a week or so ago that it would be aiming to deliver the new BB by Tuesday, but if you want to go one better, you can head out to your nearest Vodafone shop and snap one up as of now.

The new Bold Touch is the first ever touchscreen QWERTY candybar from RIM, and would have been the first on the market altogether had Nokia not sneaked its E6 out first. And it says a lot for RIM's current plight that it was beaten in getting a new phone on the market by Nokia.

Still, if you're still interested in the latest twist on the QWERTY business phone formula, you'll be able to get one free on 24-month contracts starting at £41 per month, which gives you 1,200 minutes and 500MB of data a month, along with unlimited texts.

There are various other deals involving lower monthly payments but higher up-front costs, up to a £20.50 monthly tariff provided you've got £399 to hand over up front.

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glancy  Aug. 15, 2011 at 11:29

I should have mine within the hour :-) can't wait!!!

RiTSo  Aug. 15, 2011 at 14:28

£984 over two years? I'm out!


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