RIM's mobile web share drops to 1% in US

RIM's mobile web share drops to 1% in USMore bad news for Canadian manufacturer RIM here (surprise, surprise), as if we haven’t had enough BlackBerry-based negativity for one decade.

A new survey shows that RIM’s mobile traffic share in the US of A has dwindled to little more than 1%.

The survey was conducted by Chitika (“an online ad network and data analytics firm with offices in the U.S. and India”), with the results initially released to the gents over at Boy Genius Report.

An accompanying graph shows RIM’s US mobile traffic at a recent high of 5% back in October 2011, dropping to just over 1% in July 2012. Indeed, the share dipped below 1% at the turn of the year.

Chitika explains: “A widely shared belief is that RIM’s lackluster response to the iPhone was a critical mistake that cost BlackBerry its top market position late last decade. This downward trend is likely to continue, as the loss in market share and revenue has caused RIM to lay off workers.

“RIM has even pushed back its new operating system release to next year (2013), which means the company will have to miss out on a chance to introduce new features and functions to support its customers and help attract new ones.”

Yeah, it’s pretty dire.

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