RIM's QNX smartphones still well over a year away?

RIM's QNX smartphones still well over a year away?Poor old RIM. What with a seemingly endless wait for the first new phones to arrive, plus the PR disaster that was the BlackBerry PlayBook, it's safe to say 2011 hasn't been kind to our Canadian friends.

But according to one analyst, there could be plenty more pain to come, with the suggestion that the much-needed new breed of QNX smartphones could only see the light of day towards the end of next year.

Last week saw the first new phone action from BB for a long time, with the official unveiling of a bunch of new BlackBerry OS 7 handsets. But the real hero's reception is being reserved for the first QNX “superphones”, which RIM is promising will give it the clout to take on the real powerhouses of the mobile scene such as the Samsung Galaxy S II.

However, if Jefferies and Co analyst Peter Misek is to believed, the Galaxy S II will be long gone before the first QNX phone even launches.

To be fair, RIM itself has never revealed any kind of timeframe for getting the phones to market, so it may be a little harsh to call it a “delay”, but general expectation was that the new devices would start shipping somewhere not too far into the new year.

“Channel checks indicate that in spite of RIM's best efforts, QNX handsets are still likely to arrive in [the second half of 2012],” Misek wrote in a note to investors.

The upshot of all that is that after waiting nearly a year for the latest BlackBerry OS 7 devices to finally surface, we could be in for an even longer wait for their successors.

Via eWeek

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