RIM’s stock up as talk of sale resurfaces

RIM’s stock up as talk of sale resurfacesRIM had a little cause for celebration on Thursday as its shares climbed by around 4%. No, not as a result of a sudden turnaround in fortunes; it’s ‘cause those sale rumours have crept up again.

There’s talk that the ailing Canadian manufacturer has hired the services of Goldman Sachs to “explore its options”.

We’ve heard all sorts of crazy stories over the past few months, including talk of a combined takeover bid by Nokia and Microsoft, and tales of unwanted advances by none other than Amazon.

As painful as it is watching RIM stab itself in the groin repeatedly with a rusty fork, our high-paid analyst friends aren’t convinced that the Candians will sell. And RIM itself maintains that it’d rather sort out its own problems. Of which there are many.

The BlackBerry PlayBook launched last year without a native email client, RIM was forced to rename BBX to BlackBerry10 (bo-ring), there’s no sign of any BlackBerry 10 phones arriving any time soon, and stakeholder Jaguar recently said: “The status quo is unacceptable. A fundamental change is required.”

However, my favourite RIM-related quote came from Richard Fogler of Kingwest & Co, who said: “Everyone’s frightened of what’s going to keep happening tomorrow.” How depressing.

via: Fox Business

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