RIP PlayStation Mobile for Android

RIP PlayStation Mobile for AndroidI was admittedly quite excited when the Sony (Ericsson) Xperia Play first came to light, largely on account of the promised ability to play PSOne originals with a slide-out controller.

Alas, despite being “cooler than the iPhone” (ahem), the Xperia Play was short-lived, and now PlayStation Mobile for Android has officially died a death, too.

That’s the word straight from the horse’s mouth, confirmed in a Japanese-language press release. Sayonara is, eh, presumably the gist of it.

Getting technical, PlayStation Mobile for Android will still be available for devices rocking version 4.4.2 or below, but beyond that, there’s no guarantee of store access or game functionality.

And with the next major release, Android L, which is tipped to land in October (or thereabouts), PlayStation Mobile for Android will most definitely be a thing of the past.

As a gamer, it’s a rather frustrating development. Mobile gaming is booming, but Sony has emphatically failed to carve a niche for itself, despite its abundant experience with the PSP and PS Vita.

Speaking of the Vita, PlayStation Mobile will continue to be a thing on said platform, with developers potentially serving up content for the handheld and the recently announced PS Vita TV.

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CTPAHHIK  Aug. 8, 2014 at 13:19

Was a waste all along. Best games for Xperia Play are not from Sony Store.
I'm still using it as GBA emulator + SEGA games from Play Store.

SpeedyG  Aug. 9, 2014 at 21:34

Tegrazone is the driving force now I guess...


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