End of the road for the original HTC Desire?

End of the road for the original HTC Desire?The HTC Desire was without question one of our favourite phones of 2010, and was arguably the first Android handset that really could go toe-to-toe with the iPhone in the real world and not just in Android fanboys' imaginations.

So it's with a slight tinge of sadness that we're hearing that the much-loved Desire could well be nearing the end of the road, with the last batch of stock reportedly having touched down on UK shores.

The HTC Desire first surfaced at last year's Mobile World Congress, and quickly established itself as one of the handsets to look out for in the months to follow.

In fact it's a sign of just how successful the Desire was that 12 months later HTC changed very little at all in announcing the Desire S, and it remains a decent proposition for anyone who doesn't want a phone with the same screen size as an entry-level TV.

And indeed with the Desire S ready to carry on the family name (not to mention the still-active Desire HD), it's not a huge surprise to get the line from online retailer Clove that as far as the original Desire is concerned, “we have been informed that no more will be coming in to the UK”.

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clicheguevara  Jun. 7, 2011 at 10:41

And what about the Desire Z? Such an underrated phone, yet again overlooked by tech journos.


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