Robbery Bob: Man of Steal iOS review

Robbery Bob: Man of Steal iOS reviewFirst things first; there’s never any reason to enter someone’s property uninvited (unless you’re saving them from a blazing inferno), and anyone who does so thoroughly deserves a shotgun blast to the face and the quick death that comes with it.

On a significantly lighter note, it’s time for a look at Robbery Bob, a cartoon-style game from Chillingo (Feed Me Oil, Superman) with burglary as its main theme.

To be fair to Bob, he’s realised the error of his ways, and performs a series of burglaries with great reluctance. In the first set of levels, he’s blackmailed by the guy who rescued him from prison; later on he finds himself as an unwilling lab rat to a mad scientist.

Robbery Bob plays out over three sets of 15 locations (and a handful of bonus levels) in top-down fashion.

Essentially, the aim in Robbery Bob is to go in and grab all the valuables without being noticed. There are three stars up for grabs in each level if you can a) avoid detection, b) steal all the loot, and c) beat the target time.

To make things more complicated, there are homeowners and guards kicking around in Robbery Bob; some standing still, while others walk predefined routes.

Robbery Bob: Man of Steal iOS review

There’s also the obligatory Metal Gear Solid-style camera, with a well-defined field of vision that should be avoided at all costs.

Other little Robbery Bob features include items that you can hide inside, distractions that you can use to draw guards’ attention, and costumes that allow you to blend in with the crowd.

Oh, I almost forgot about the coin element. You can use gold coins to upgrade your Stealth, Stamina, Grab-Ability and Speed, invest in one-off utilities including invisibility and a teleporter, and purr-chase outfits with various stealth-enhancing attributes.

Gripes? Nothing major. Robbery Bob is free, but it’s actually really light on the freemium stuff. It gets a little samey after a few hours, but that’s par for the smartphone gaming course, really.

And that’s Robbery Bob. It’s pretty good.


  • Lots of levels
  • Smart level designs
  • Lots of stuff to buy (should you care)


  • A little samey
  • Not the sexiest game ever
  • The dialogue is laughable at points

Summary: Robbery Bob is a rather enjoyable little top-down stealth game. It’s free; what have you got to lose?

Developer: Chillingo

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Price: free @ App Store

Robbery Bob: Man of Steal iOS review

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