Robot Story iPhone review

Robot Story iPhone reviewWe recently featured Robot Story in our Best free iPhone games article, but it really deserves to have some review space all to itself. It’s really good, you see.

Robot Story is essentially Angry Birds with robots. But instead of evil pigs stealing your eggs, an evil mad scientist has stolen your robot puppy. And instead of launching irate birds at said pigs, you throw spanners in the gears of the mad scientist’s factory.

I should probably mention that I’m slightly biased on account of my love for robots. If the game was called, say, Monkey Story, and featured a monkey throwing bananas at evil lion cubs, I mightn’t have devoted quite so much time to it. Then again, Monkey Story does sound pretty cool.

The controls are fairly similar to those in Angry Birds. You basically set the power and angle for launching your projectile, and there’s a nice balance between trial-and-error and skill in terms of making it to the next level.

I do, however, have a little gripe with the control system. While Angry Birds sees you pull back and to the left, conveniently keeping your finger out of the way, Robot Story asks you to do the opposite, so your hand often obscures much of the screen. It’s a small complaint, but worth mentioning.

There are lots of different obstacles in Robot Story, including some pipes that blow your spanners off course, and huge magnets that suck them in if they get too close. The colour-coded hazards are a neat touch too. For example, some levels see different colours of the aforementioned blowy pipes. If you take out the corresponding set of gears, you disable the pipe.

As well as spanners, you have glowing green thingies that explode, particularly handy for clearing large obstacles. You can also use them to send huge hunks of metal, otherwise unmoveable, crashing into the gears. Very satisfying.

It’s not quite as refined as Angry Birds, but there’s lots going on in Robot Story, and more than enough to hold your attention as you work your way through Dr Manic’s factory. And best of all, it’s free!


  • Completely free
  • Robots are great
  • Nice cartoon-style graphics


  • Occasionally irksome touchscreen controls
  • It’s not Angry Birds, I suppose
  • Highly challenging from the get-go (though that’s arguably a good thing)

Summary: Angry Birds with robots and entirely free. Go get it.

Developer: Enflick Inc

Compatbility: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Price: Free @ App Store

Robot Story iPhone review

Robot Story iPhone review

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