Root Your Sony Ericsson Arc

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 26, 2011 at 20:47

If you are looking for a way to root your Sony Ericsson Arc, you may have come across some pretty confusing tutorials.
Well, I ended up using a simple app that I downloaded from XDA Developers Forums - simple as can be:
Just transfer the gingerbreak.apk to your Arc's memory card, and use a file explorer like Astro to install gingerbreak.
In addition to the usual and not-so-usual warnings on XDA, I'd like to add this: initially I was confused, because when you start gingerbreak the app warns you to make sure that your memory card is mounted beforeyou hit the 'ROOT'button. But the moment you hit 'ROOT', you will see in the notification bar that the memory card is unmounted (even though it was mounted when you started gingerbreak).
Don't worry, THAT is normal. When you start gingerbreak, the root process starts, and the card is unmounted and re-mounted. Then your phone reboots. Hopefully, you will then see the superuser icon in the apps drawer - and all is well. Afterwards head over to Busybox.net to download and install busybox - an app many root applications rely on (Titanium Backup, ShootMe etc).

AS ALWAYS: CAUTION! Back up your files before you start an attempt to root your phone, and ABOVE ALL: don't blame me when things go wrong :p


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