Rovio aims to take over the world with Angry Birds

Rovio aims to take over the world with Angry BirdsHas anyone with a smartphone not played Angry Birds? It recently passed an insane 250 million downloads, but Rovio isn’t happy with that. It wants more, more, more, a bit like the girl in Rebel Yell.

Rovio is determined to shove Angry Birds in everyone’s face, any way it can. If Rovio gets its way, the irate birds will soon be freakin' everywhere.

Of course, smartphones will still be the main focus. Speaking at the Mobile Beat conference in San Francisco, former Microsoft Bing guy Wibe Wagemans, now head of Rovio’s marketing, says they’re aiming for 1 billion downloads.

How will it get there? By whoring itself to any and all operating systems. “The major opportunity for us is to be agnostic,” explained Wagemans.

Angry Birds is supposedly the third most copied brand in China. Again, that’s not enough for Wagemans, who says: “We want to be the most copied brand in China.”

A book is in the works, and you can now buy Angry Birds flip-flops and plush toys from the official online store. The game is coming soon to Facebook too. There is no escape.

via: AllThingsD

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